Hannah Lougheed

Associate Consultant


Hannah Lougheed is an associate consultant at C&M International, with global health as her area of focus. She has a keen understanding of health payment and financing mechanisms, health policy (both domestic and international), and health systems strengthening.

Prior to joining C&M International, Hannah served as a Fulbright scholar in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. While in graduate school, she worked within the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, International Health Systems Program: Global Health and Population, as a member of their Executive Education team. During that time, she also interned with John Snow, Inc., where she served as the International Division Intern. Additionally, she facilitated patient intake and insurance utilization for five years for an emergency department in rural Pennsylvania.

Hannah brings a wide breadth of knowledge to C&M International, including a variety of long-term lived international experiences, patient engagement and health insurance aptitude, and a deep understanding of global health policy and financing. Hannah has over nine years’ experience working within various facets of health, public policy, and international relations.


Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, B.A. international politics

Brandeis University, M.S. global health policy and management

Brandeis University, M.A. sustainable international development