CMI Executive Assistant

Job Responsibilities

Assists with calendar maintenance, schedule development, foreign travel, internal and external meeting requests, briefing materials, press engagement, and meeting follow-up.
Maintains records of speeches, events, and contacts involving foreign nationals and officials.
Maintains filing systems to ensure accurate and efficient retrieval of information.
Assists with research and document preparation, editing, and proofing.
Provides support for time entry and management.
Coordinates recruiting and new hire orientation and paperwork with firm leadership and Human Resources.
Coordinates copy/printer maintenance and other office work requests.
Works with CMI and leadership team to develop and manage client contact lists, prospective client target lists, and dates of contact and follow-up for new or expanded proposals.
Supports overall CMI team as needed on critical client projects, events, deliverables, etc. that require help in coordination or delivery – administrative or substantive – to ensure CMI delivers on client needs and exceeds expectations.
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CMI Consultant

Job Description
CMI is seeking accomplished candidates to provide strategic support across the three pillars as a CMI Consultant – helping to track client priorities, monitor and drive project progress, and support ongoing client development in a fast-paced and collaborative environment. The Consultant role is critical for meeting the day-to-day needs of clients and for executing their longer-term goals and strategies which CMI helps to cultivate. As a CMI Consultant, you would be working alongside a wide range of international public policy professionals, leading industry representatives, and former USG officials engaging in a diverse set of client matters and accounts.

Job Responsibilities

Projects and client-related work for this position will include, for example:

Supporting engagements between business executives, top government officials, and civil society leaders globally;
Assisting in client development including client proposals, project budgets, and related matters;
Engage in client-facing support and domestic and international travel (as needed);
Monitoring, researching, and analyzing domestic, regional, and international policy and regulatory issues and assisting in the design, development, and implementation of strategies to help shape them;
Drafting of memos, subject matter analyses, presentations, talking points, briefing books, leave-behinds and other materials to support internal client strategy development and external advocacy; and
Managing the development and execution of conferences, meetings, and other uniquely crafted public-private engagements for clients, including staffing and logistical support.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing priorities and maintain a productive and committed work effort, meeting deadlines and managing workload with minimal supervision
Experience working in Congress, the Executive Branch, political campaigns, advocacy and lobbying, and/or policy research and analysis
Excellent attention to detail
Excellent writing, verbal, and interpersonal skills
Strong collaboration skills and the ability to work independently
Strong research and analysis skills
Strong understanding of domestic and multilateral policy environment
Must possess an aptitude to simultaneously coordinate and lead a variety of initiatives.
Languages: English (required), others (desired)

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