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CMI Background

Snippet_CMI Overview

CMI Company Overview

Background on C&M International – who we are, how we work, and our results.

Snippet_CMI Asia Pacific

CMI Asia Pacific

Background on CMI's Singapore office and our long track record of impactful work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Snippet_CMI APEC


Our unique history, experience, and expertise in leveraging the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum as the region's premier economic policymaking platform.


Global Health

Snippet_CMI Global Health

CMI Global Health

Our portfolio of initiatives and outcomes on behalf of innovative biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies, industry associations, and public health organizations.

Snippet CMI Health Ethics

CMI Global Health Ethics & Business Integrity

We help healthcare companies, associations, and systems design and implement ethical business practices and good governance policies to uphold patient trust, attract investment, protect shareholder value, and secure a level playing field across markets.

Snippet_Future of Health

Future of Health Policy Roadmap

Policy recommendations from C&M International on digital health, health data, and emerging technologies.


Global Trade & Investment

Snippet_CMI Supply Chain

CMI Supply Chain & Trade Policy

Our unparalleled expertise in leveraging free trade agreements and trade policy to deliver supply chain efficiencies and costs savings.

Snippet_CMI Sustainability

CMI Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Our work in international policymaking venues on marine debris, environmental issues, and corporate sustainability initiatives.