Crafting Innovative Policy for the Digital Economy

Our clients recognize that digital transformation is evolving their – and every – industry. But today’s data-driven, innovative companies know that they cannot deliver impact unless they earn and maintain trust from governments and citizens, alike.  To unlock the true promise of the digital economy, C&M International works to promote inclusive, transparent policymaking processes and ensure that our clients’ voices are heard when and where the next-generation policy frameworks, new laws or regulations, or digital trade provisions are being crafted.

Ubiquitous data and connectivity are driving global growth, productivity, and progress. But the benefits of the digital economy are still not evenly shared.

Promoting Frameworks for Data Governance, Privacy and Data Flows

The ability to securely access and share data, including across borders, is fundamental to the modern digital economy. C&M International works at the frontlines of the evolving conversation around global privacy regimes, pairing substantive legal and policy expertise with our reputation as a firm that knows how to advocate, educate, and craft innovative policy approaches, in collaboration with governments and the private sector.

We have worked directly with data protection authorities to develop a new framework to enable cross-border data transfers in Southeast Asia. We have convened policy workshops alongside intragovernmental forums like the Global Privacy Assembly, APEC’s Digital Economy Steering Group, the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA), and the G20, and have aided other clients in creating compelling advocacy campaigns on issues such as data localization and ethical uses of AI. And CMI’s broad roster of healthcare clients have come to us to help formulate their policy postures, position their leadership in global venues, and craft their advocacy messaging on health, biometric, and genomic data.

Read our Case Study on how we’ve helped shape and promote various data transfer mechanisms created by authorities across the Asia Pacific region.

Analyzing Digital Policy Trends, Geopolitics, and Technology Competition

CMI also provides policy and regulatory intelligence so clients can “see around the corner,” helping them understand global trends and analyze how digital transformation will impact their industries. We have helped clients parse how next-generation digital trade provisions will impact the biopharmaceutical sector, demonstrated to governments how supply chain and customs functions can run on the blockchain, and launched a public-private initiative to advance digital government & e-gov tools. We participate in critical forums for digital policy, such as the OECD and G20, and we know the digital ambitions of key government champions such as the United States, Singapore, and Japan, as well as the EU’s thinking on the next directive to come from Brussels. And we find ways to ensure our clients’ equities are represented with all of these stakeholders, and within every one of these policymaking venues.

Designing Regulatory Frameworks for Emerging Technologies

The legal and policy implications around many next-generation technologies are still nascent. Companies are grappling internally with the societal consequences of new innovations, just as governments and regulators wrestle with questions of trust, safety, and social good, as they seek to implement new regulatory frameworks for the evolving digital landscape. The CMI team has acted as subject matter experts and trusted advisors to governments, companies, and industry associations. We leverage our wealth of domain-specific experience as policy professionals, both within government and in the private sector, and add a healthy dash of creativity to help design strategic, inclusive approaches to emerging policy challenges.

One of the fastest-evolving industries is Digital Health, where CMI is advising medical technology companies, providers and systems, and the biopharmaceutical sector as they leverage data and analytics to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Read more about our Global Health portfolio here.


Finally, we bring to bear the expertise within Crowell & Moring LLP’s Digital Transformation practice, from which we can integrate legal and technical subject-matter experts on a range of issues and industries, including for blockchain, 5G, IoT, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing and robotics, among others. When the work demands it, our clients appreciate the ease with which they can call on the resources of our parent company, a global law firm with nearly 600 attorneys around the world.