Advancing Partnerships for Resilient Health Systems

The global community has set ambitious health targets to meet the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, but achieving them will require an enabling policy environment that promotes innovation and investment. C&M International brings our clients into collaboration with governments, multilateral institutions, healthcare providers and other organizations in pursuit of better health for all.       

Breakthrough technologies are transforming the healthcare industry and ushering in a new era of medicines, devices, and business models – as well as how governments and providers deliver services. We ensure governments, industry and other stakeholders listen to one another and work together to realize the full potential of health innovation.

Ambassador Robert Holleyman, President and CEO, C&M International

Strengthening Health Systems through Global Engagement

Access to quality healthcare and health systems strengthening is fundamental to the progress and development of every society, but governments cannot get it all done by acting alone. Much of CMI’s work centers on collaboration within the international policy forums that are setting the global health agenda, such as the World Health Organization, G20/B20, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Summit of the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. We also launch unique coalitions of stakeholders that work at the ground-level, helping to tackle complex challenges within key markets. CMI brings stakeholders together to collectively shape the policy landscape on a range of issues, such as facilitated regulatory pathways, health data, healthcare financing, access to care, and intellectual property protection. 

Read our Case Study on how CMI brought industry, regulators and academia together to develop Centers of Excellence on Regulatory Science to promote regulatory harmonization, capacity building and cooperation on key issues.

Market-Shaping Strategies for Innovative Products

Healthcare innovation continues to accelerate, resulting in significant public and private sector investment in high-value and novel technologies and services for patients. With an emphasis on supporting all stakeholders in the health ecosystem, CMI works with our clients, governments, and other partners to develop market-shaping and financing strategies, as well as enabling regulatory approaches for innovative biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and insurance solutions. We take a comprehensive approach, leveraging the diverse expertise from our team across global public policy, regulatory affairs, public affairs, trade, and corporate social responsibility to support our clients in launching and sustaining innovative products. 

Driving High-Standard Ethics across Health Systems

The design and implementation of ethical business practices is essential for every health organization seeking to uphold patient trust, attract investment, and secure a level playing field across markets. We provide advisory services to leading health innovators as they confront new ethical dilemmas, including those born of the digital age such as virtual interactions and processes, patient data and privacy, and bioethics. CMI is a longstanding and respected partner with governments in the advancement of strategies that encourage high-standard ethical business practices, which help prevent corruption and a loss of patient trust. And we are experts at bringing diverse groups of stakeholders together under a common cause of ethics and integrity.    

CMI supports the world’s largest public-private partnerships and collective action initiatives driving best ethical practices, enhancing institutional capacity to enact those practices, and evaluating changes within health systems around the world. We have driven the adoption and revision of codes of ethics now adhered to by more than 20,000 enterprises, as well as the launch of national ethical framework agreements across five continents that align hundreds of governments, industry, patients, healthcare professionals, providers, and payors.

Enabling Digital Health Solutions

From the first eHealth initiatives two decades ago to the range of innovative solutions available today – wearables, telemedicine, AI-driven clinical solutions, and other data-intensive technologies – the digital health ecosystem is rapidly evolving. National governments, providers and health systems, and private startups alike are investing in innovative digital technologies that are revolutionizing healthcare delivery and making systems more resilient, efficient and effective. However, regulatory hurdles can hinder progress and undermine the promise of improved public health outcomes through digital solutions.

We partner with leading industry innovators – as well as trade associations and universities, research institutions, providers, and healthcare systems – to shape the global regulatory and policy environment for digital health solutions. 


Finally, our clients appreciate the ease with which they can call on the resources of our parent company, Crowell & Moring LLP, a global law firm with nearly 600 attorneys around the world.  CMI frequently collaborates with our attorney colleagues within the Health Care and Digital Health/MedTech practice groups, bringing to bear their expertise in legal and technical subject matter on a range of health regulatory issues including privacy and data use, data access and availability, cybersecurity, quality and integrity, and safety and oversight.