Helping Businesses Succeed on a Global Scale

At C&M International, trade is in our DNA.  Founded by trade negotiators, CMI has helped shape nearly every U.S. free trade negotiation – and others around the world – since our earliest days. Our team of trade policy and advocacy experts deliver a full spectrum of services to legal, government affairs and trade executives for multinational enterprises, as well as those on the front lines of organizing supply chains, making investment decisions, and leading business operations in international markets. We know the geopolitical and policy issues that define today’s global commercial landscape, as well as those that will affect tomorrow’s. And we put our clients’ voices at the negotiating tables where the rules are set for global trade, investment and international business.  

Leveraging Trade Policy to Modernize Supply Chains

In the current era of geopolitical uncertainty and economic friction, understanding the nuances of trade policy is critical to international competitiveness. With hundreds of free trade agreements in effect, and dozens more under negotiation, companies need to be adept at integrating FTA analysis into their global strategies. For over thirty years, CMI has helped our clients evaluate the challenges and opportunities presented by FTAs and other trade policies for their global supply chains. We guide them in analyzing tariff implications, rules of origin challenges, and ways to overcome market access barriers. We also track and analyze regulatory and non-tariff barriers, procurement policies, customs regimes, and other trade-related provisions. And we are always ready to deploy our deep networks within the global community of trade negotiators and officials that we have developed over years of engagement in global policy hubs – in Washington, Singapore and Brussels – and at the WTO, G20, APEC and other international venues that often set the terms for cross-border business.

Influencing Global Economic and Regulatory Policy

Our expertise and capabilities extend well beyond supply chains. Many of our clients look to us for risk monitoring and analysis regarding geopolitical events and economic trends, while we help others advocate for intellectual property protections or digital government initiatives. We are deeply involved in efforts to advance new regulatory and policy agendas that enable a sound investment environment and clear the way for innovation. And in today’s data-driven economy, much of that focus has turned to digital trade provisions and next-generation policy frameworks for everything from AI to blockchain, and 5G to OTT services. CMI knows the issues, the stakeholders, and the regional and global platforms where our clients need to be engaging.

CMI merges the capabilities and know-how of our Digital portfolio with our trade and investment expertise to provide full-service counsel and advisory services to the companies that are shaping the 21st century digital economy.

Finding Opportunity in a More Sustainable and Socially Responsible Future

Global business leaders are keenly aware that enterprise growth needs to be firmly aligned with the expectations of governments, consumers and investors, and attuned to environmental and societal impacts. We work with visionary partners who are transforming the ways they do business, and who are ready to step into global leadership roles in advancing policy frameworks and collaborations on sustainability and corporate responsibility. We have represented our clients at international negotiations while designing, building and leading comprehensive policy initiatives on sustainability issues and innovations. We are also adept at securing political endorsement for multi-stakeholder environmental and social governance initiatives – always helping to secure buy-in across the spectrum of stakeholders, from government to industry, and among NGOs, investors, and civil society.

Read our Case Study on how C&M International created a fit-for-purpose, multi-stakeholder public-private initiative to address the ocean plastics crisis.


Finally, we work closely with the lawyers in Crowell & Moring LLP’s International Trade practice group, who bring unparalleled expertise on issues ranging from customs and AD/CVD matters, to export controls, investment screening, and AML or sanctions compliance. We also work closely with the lawyers in Crowell & Moring’s nationally ranked ITC 337 Litigation Group to help provide the extensive resources needed for clients to be successfully represented in a Section 337 investigation. When the work demands it, our clients appreciate the ease with which they can call on the resources of our parent company, an internationally-recognized law firm with nearly 600 attorneys around the world.